• HIMAX® Anti Rust OIL FREE COATING (450ml)

    Appearance : Semi Clear Coating or Blue Coating


    • 3 shots to clear the residue.
    • Low VOC with superior anti rust properties.
    • No cleaning required but easily clean by any hydrocarbon solvent.
    • Anti-corrosion protective coating of no oily or grease content.
    • No oil migration into ejector pin.
    • Heat tolerance temperature of coating is 80-1350C.


    Plastic Injection Moulds, Rubber Moulds, Stamping Dies, Jig and Fixtures, Plastic Instruments, Machines Tools and Ground Steel of all kind.

    Also suitable for food packaging applications.

  • HIMAX® Anti Rust Peelable Film Coating TF-03 (450ml)

    Appearance : Gold or Silver Colour


    • Anti-corrosion protective coating of no-oily or grease content.
    • Peel able film coating.
    • UV Resistance.
    • Exterior Use only.
    • Anti-scratches.


    HIMAX Mould Protection TF-03 effectively protects outside of metal part which needs to be protected from scratches; easy to differentiate the metal mold by using different color either gold or silver.

  • HIMAX® FOAM Cleaner (Water base) K-11W (450ml)

    Appearance : Whitish


    • Concentrated and non-flammable degreaser.
    • Degreases by saponification and emulsification that breaks up fats and oil chemical, so can be rinsed away after being dissolved.
    • Harmless on pained surfaces and all metals.
    • Provides greater strength and cleaning power on toughest stains, grease, oil carbon, wax dye without hard scrubbing.
    • No harsh solvent odour.

    Application :

    Used for general plant degreasing include machinery, tools, floors and walls.

  • HIMAX® Premium Lubricant TS-40 (450ml)

    (Equivalent WD-40)

    Appearance : Light Yellowish


    • Lubricates and restoring smooth action; stop annoying squeaks and free sticking parts.
    • Protects against rush and corrosion on metal surface, aluminium, gardening tools, grills and dies.
    • Penetrate and breakaway rust and corrosion, free struck, frozen or rusted parts.
    • Clean and degrease dirt, oil and grease.
    • Dissolve adhesives, allowing easy removal or sticky material.

    Application :

    Apply for rollers, gears, bearing, chains, locks, zippers, wheels, doors, windows. Various application in manufacturing, home, office, gardening, sport, vehicles, marine and etc.