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Adress:15-1-16, Medan Kampung Relau, Bayan Point
11900 Bayan Lepas
Penang, Malaysia
Website : www.purgemax.com
Tel : +604-646 8272
Fax : +604-646 9151
Email : sales@purgemax.com

Premium Multi Industries Sdn. Bhd. is a well established manufacturer of Himax aerosol products since the year 1999. Our office is located at Penang State, Malaysia . We provide solutions in general maintenance preventive and repair market to worldwide aerosol users. We will always strike to make sure that Himax is the customers¡¯ first choice through excellent quality of the product and service with wide distribution coverage at competitive price.

Our Brand ¨C Himax
The ultimate choice of quality of aerosol is coming your way with Himax Aerosol Product Series. A wide range of the high quality product series such as antirust, mould release, cleaner lubricant and so on are made available for our value customers.....

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Himax Wax Type Antirust
Name£º Himax Wax Type Antirust
Model£º HB-7
Himax Antirust Shield
Name£º Himax Antirust Shield
Model£º L-26
Himax Solvent Cleaner
Name£º Himax Solvent Cleaner
Model£º K-11
Himax Mould Release
Name£º Himax Mould Release
Model£º B-11
Himax Foam Cleaner
Name£º Himax Foam Cleaner
Model£º K-25
Himax Lubricant
Name£º Himax Lubricant
Model£º TS-9
Himax Premium Lub
Name£º Himax Premium Lub
Model£º TS-40
Himax Multi Lub
Name£º Himax Multi Lub
Model£º ML-38